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We Have A Charger For Every Plug-In Car

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Choose Power365 For Your EV Charge Point!r

  • NICEIC Registered Electricians

    We take pride in being NICEIC registered, which signifies our commitment to electrical safety and quality workmanship for your new EV Charge Point.

  • Experienced EV Team Installers

    Our skilled and experienced technicians have a deep understanding of all the latest EV charge points and will explain everything once installed.

  • Customer-Centric Approach

    We prioritize customer satisfaction and work closely with you to meet your unique needs and preferences. You will be updated at every step of the installation journey!

3 Year Warranty On All EV Chargers!
Installation Included as Standard - Find Your Charger Now!

How Much?

Power & Pricing

  • Sync EV

    £949.00 - £999.00

    What the future has been waiting for. Simple, cost-effective compact home car charging Sync EV is a leading manufacturer of domestic electric vehicle chargers across the UK. Our Home Car charger is reliable, stylish, very competitively priced and covered by our 3-year manufacturer warranty.

  • Project EV

    £999.00 - £1099.00

    Project EV electric vehicle charging uses cutting edge technology to provide all your electric vehicle charging point needs. Our wide range of AC charging points is the most advanced solution for electric vehicle owners, offering an environmentally friendly option at an affordable cost.

  • Hypervolt

    £1079.00 - £1199.00

    Charge faster and smarter with Hypervolt. Hypervolt has developed a flawless, smart, and beautifully-designed charger that meets all your domestic charging needs. Mobile control and monitoring. Tariff/scheduled charging mode. 3-year warranty as standard. OZEV Eligible.

  • zappi

    £1045.00 - £1195.00

    A smart EV charger with a difference. It operates as a standard EV charger but it also has optional charging modes to utilise 100% GREEN energy generated from your Solar PV or wind generation. Increasing the Return On Investment for your panels and electric car, the zappi is easy to install and user friendly


    £1029.00 - £1049.00

    Easee One. Small. Smart. Full of power.


    £979.00 - £999.00

    Small. Smart. Safe. A discreet charge for your home. The EO Mini Pro 2 is the world’s smallest smart home charger for the everyday electric vehicle driver. The latest home charger focuses on connectivity and reliability, combining the functionality of its predecessor and the EO Mini Smart Home.

  • Anderson EV


    The intelligent EV charging point that hides the integrated cable. With smart controlled connectivity, unrivalled aesthetics and pioneering technology.The A2 gives you the power to control the energy between your home and EV and solar panels. Get ready to transform your EV charging experience.

  • Indra

    £1079.00 - £1129.00

    The Indra Smart PRO is the smartest 7.4kW AC Electric Vehicle charger available on the market. Smart by name, and smart by nature!

Can you spare 5 minutes?

An EV Charge Point Quote Within 24 hours!

This remote survey will take less than 5 minutes from start to finish! Fill in a few basic details, and upload your photos or video. We’ll confirm if your installation is standard within 24 hours! If the installation is more than ‘standard’, we will request more details and/or carry out a free site visit.

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90% of our customers are eligible for standard installation

What does this include?

1. EV charger installation on a brick or plaster wall, or other suitable permanent structure.

2. Up to 10 metres of cable run between the distribution board/electricity meter and your charger.

3. Cable run through a single wall of up to half a metre thickness.

4. The cable clipped flush to the wall at a height of up to 6ft, running above the ground.

Standard installation terms & conditions

What if I don’t qualify for standard installation?

The Process

What Happens When You Order Your EV Home Charger?

Your home installation will be an all inclusive price if it meets our ‘standard’ installation criteria.

90% of our customers qualify but don’t worry if you don’t. We will send an engineer to survey your installation free of charge.

They will discuss all options with you and find the most cost effective solution for your EV charger installation.

  • Place your order. We will email you confirming the start of your EV journey.
  • We will call you within 24 hours to talk through your installation and book a pre-site survey (included in the cost). If the installation is not standard, we will advise you of any additional work required and the costs involved. If at that point you do not want to proceed, we will give you a full refund.
  • Book your installation date. Our Power365 installer will confirm their arrival date and time in advance of the installation.
  • Installation. Your installer will fix the charger to the wall in the best position based on your power supply and how you park your car. A cable will then be run from your power supply to your unit and turned on.
  • Demonstration. Your installer will connect the unit to your wifi and carry out a working demonstration for you, answering any questions that you may have along the way.

What they say…

Charging Your Electric Vehicle

Can I Charge My Car At Home?

You can buy a home charging point as this offers the best solution for charging your electric vehicle at home. It offers a faster and safer solution to charging your battery and offers the flexibility of charging your car battery overnight. You can use a standard 3-pin plug with an EVSE cable (electric vehicle supply equipment) to charge your car but this is not recommended as a permanent solution, this should be only used when no other option is available.

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Car?

This all depends on the size of the battery and the speed of the charging point. Charging can take anywhere between 30-minutes and 12-hours. A typical electric car with a 60kWh battery would take 8-hours to fully charge the car’s battery from empty to full when using a 7kWh charging point. The majority of electric car drivers never charge their battery from empty. They normally top up the batteries' power regularly which would speed up the charging process. This would mean hooking up the battery through the day when parked at work or a shopping centre or charging your car overnight. The majority of electric cars can be charged within 35-minutes with a 50kWh charging point to provide a range of up to 100-miles. As you can see, the bigger the battery and the slower the charging point is that you are using. The longer it will take to charge your car’s battery.

Driving Your Electric Vehicle

How Much Does A Journey In An EV Typically Cost?

This varies depending on the vehicle you drive, but in simple terms, the size of the battery (kWh) x electricity cost of your supplier (pence per kilowatt-hour) = cost to charge an electric car from empty to full.

How Far Can An EV Go On A Single Charge?

This varies and really depends on the vehicle you’re driving, how you drive it and the conditions you’re driving it in – just like a petrol or diesel vehicle. The distance a single charge can cover is increasing with every new model, as battery technology improves. Today, most electric cars will have a range of over 200 miles. Tesla models can go well over 300 miles on a single charge. There are many new electric cars in the automotive market in the UK, every year a new car brand will launch a brand new model or an updated model. Car manufacturers are constantly working on solving the issue of battery range. In the current electric car market, there are the following cars that are ranked by the longest range. Tesla Model S - 375-miles Tesla Model 3 - 348-miles Tesla Model X - 315-miles Jaguar I-Pace - 292-miles Kia eNiro - 282-miles Mercedes EQ C - 280-miles Hyundai Kona EV-279-miles Audi e-Tron - 249-miles Nissan LEAF e+ - 239-miles BMW i3 - 193-miles Renault Zoe - 186-miles Hyundai Ioniq - 174-miles