How Much Does A Journey In An EV Typically Cost?

This varies depending on the vehicle you drive, but in simple terms, the size of the battery (kWh) x electricity cost of your supplier (pence per kilowatt-hour) = cost to charge an electric car from empty to full.

How Far Can An EV Go On A Single Charge?

This varies and really depends on the vehicle you’re driving, how you drive it and the conditions you’re driving it in – just like a petrol or diesel vehicle.

The distance a single charge can cover is increasing with every new model, as battery technology improves. Today, most electric cars will have a range of over 200 miles. Tesla models can go well over 300 miles on a single charge.

There are many new electric cars in the automotive market in the UK, every year a new car brand will launch a brand new model or an updated model. Car manufacturers are constantly working on solving the issue of battery range. In the current electric car market, there are the following cars that are ranked by the longest range.

Tesla Model S – 375-miles
Tesla Model 3 – 348-miles
Tesla Model X – 315-miles
Jaguar I-Pace – 292-miles
Kia eNiro – 282-miles
Mercedes EQ C – 280-miles
Hyundai Kona EV-279-miles
Audi e-Tron – 249-miles
Nissan LEAF e+ – 239-miles
BMW i3 – 193-miles
Renault Zoe – 186-miles
Hyundai Ioniq – 174-miles